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There’s no denying the fact that an Anti-Virus is a blessing to our PCs. For those who are unaware of what antiviruses are, let us brief you a bit about the concept of Anti-Virus. Learn Below to Know More About Us.

QurantineYourPC.com has an important and challenging mission; we’re always looking for smart, fearless, and passionate people who are ready to help keep the world’s information safe. If this sounds like you—and you’re looking for a rewarding, opportunity-filled career with a company that protects millions of people against cyber threats every day—keep reading. You’ll get to know QurantineYourPC.com, what we stand for, and how you can begin your journey with QurantineYourPC.

What is Antivirus?

Anti-Virus is a security program you install in your PC or Mobile device. Anti-Virus works in two different ways: Signature detection and Behavior detection. In signature detection, it neutralizes malicious programs. In behavior detection, it monitors installed software behaviors. An Anti-Virus prevents you from viruses, spyware, botnets, key loggers and others and keeps your system safe and protected from unwanted things. How we come into play is that we help you solve all your queries relating to anti-viruses.

For your PC virus concerning needs, we are a one stop shop or you can say, the point of contact for all antivirus related queries. We offer 24/7 assistance with our technical experts who are dedicatedly working to provide you Anti-Virus support. Our focus remains on identifying the issue and then, subsequently providing help required to solve that issue. As our customer, you will be delighted to know that we have a team of highly skilled professionals who are trained to solve your anti-virus related problem. Your problems are assigned to these professionals who will help you step by step in successfully logging and monitoring all incidents that concern with your Antivirus support.

Know More About Us –

We are fully involved and guide you with the entire process. We focus on a streamlined approach to improve the efficiency from both the sides- the customer’s side and from our expert’s side. We specialize in providing you support from choosing the right Anti-Virus software to equipping you with the link and thereby downloading, installation and running the Antivirus software successfully.

We also help with the following supports in concern with the Anti-Virus:

  • Data Protection
  1. Block the latest Viruses, Ransomware, Crypto lockers and Spyware others.
  2. Provide with Real-time support and Anti-Virus protection.
  3. Increase PC performance.
  4. Provide advanced security and Anti-virus suite for Privacy concern.
  5. Simplicity: Easy to set up and run.
  • Safe web access
  1. Prevents any kind of Webcam and web-related Hijacks.
  2. Block Phishing or any such fraudulent attempts.
  3. Ensures file protection.
  • Secure Finances and Transactions
  1. Help in launching an encrypted browser to prevent any fraud online transactions.
  2. Manage password storage and sync on PC.
  3. Ensures file protection.
  • Provide Auto- Sandbox Technology
  1. Any suspicious and unknown files are secluded virtually.
Apart from these features, we additionally work on features like Data encryption, to provide extra protection to your files and folders. We also provide with Heuristic scan and advanced Anti-Virus scanners. Our team simultaneously focuses on protection with cloud technology and offer real-time support. Email protection is a commonly addressed issue and our technicians have years of hands on experience in dealing with such matters.

With the evolving digital platforms, media has become very vulnerable to theft and it is rising at such a fast pace, such that privacy has arguably become a myth in today’s time. Day by day, it is becoming easier for the IT hackers to steal personal information in just a click. The dark web, illegal online market and other websites have witnessed an exceptional growth as if it has become a cakewalk to extract your private data and gain access to confidential information.