The Simplest Way to Access The D-Link DAP1520 Wireless Extender

The d-link dap2520 wireless extender is based on the latest technology. It is easy to use the d-link wifi 1520 dual-band range extender with high performance. This device supports the two radio frequencies 2.4GHz radio frequency and 5GHz radiofrequency. The data transferring rate of this extender is 300Mbps. Dual-band technology helps reduce the interference of other wireless signals.

The 2.4GHz radio frequency helps to improve the performance of the extender and it spreads the range of the internet into all corners of the home. It is compatible with any type of router. The data transferring rate of the device is 720Mbps with 300Mbps+2.4GHz and 433Mbps+5GHz radio frequencies. This device is mainly used in offices, factories, shops, and homes. The battery capacity of the device is 5 Watt-hours.

The d-link dap1520 setup is very easy, anyone can operate that device for extending their router range. This device is connected easily with every type of router. This device can spread the range for long distances. This device is controlled by the d-link mobile app of the router. Now, I am going to discuss the steps of installation and operating of the extender in the below lines.

Ways to Setup and Install the Dlink DAP1520 Wireless extender

if you want to connect your extender with the router or your smartphone correctly. so, please follow these mentioned methods step by step. to begin with, 

initially, plug the DAP 1520 into the wall switch within the range of the router. Secondly, open the utility of your connected computer and select the name of your D-Link DAP 1520 extender network and then enter the password which is mentioned on the configuration card. Thirdly, open the web browser and enter the IP address of the device, and then d-link login your account into the website of the router. after that tap on the wizard and then click on the next. After this, to set up your network choose the second open from the wizard menu then tap on the next. and then choose the open wireless connection.

The next step is to enter the password of your uplink network. Click on the next to continue. After that, the DAP 1520 will rebroadcast the wifi connection from the uplink router as an extended wifi network, and the SSID and password automatically generated for both the 2.4GHz and 55GHz networks. If you want to change the setting, you need to enter the SSID and password. then click on the next option.

At last, your process is completed. then a summary will appear on the setting of both router and extender. if you want to record that information for the future. so, click on save, and then your connection has been successful. Here, I am going to discuss the features of the wireless range extenders in the beneath lines.

The features of the D-Link DAP1520 Wireless extender

their many features of the range extender. to commence with,

Powerful connection

The extender extends the powerful connection into all corners of the home. And you can place it anywhere in your home to increase the range of wireless networks. The wireless transferring speed is 750 Mbps.

Extend your wireless network

increase the range of your home with the link DAP1520 wireless extender. The dual-band technology helps to minimize the interference of other nearby networks. it also provides you compatibility with the older wireless device.

Easy to setup and Easy to use

The setup and the use of the device are very easy because the device company gives mobile apps to control that device. You can use and set up their extender without the need of a computer and all information related to this link extender is given on that d-link mobile app. You can easily connect with ip address for setup.


The design of this device is compact and convenient. It does not take much space and it is easy to use. We just need to plug it in. This device is mostly used in the office or home.


The d-link DAP1520 wireless extender is excellent. With this device we can easily extend the range of their router and enjoy gaming, watching movies and videos, etc. recently, my friend purchased this product and he told me my room is on the top floor of my house. The range of the router was so weak that he saw it on his phone. and after 2-3 days he purchased this device. He told me, it’s such a good device to extend the signal of their router.

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