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Everyone loves beautiful and aesthetic homes. Houses that provide you with ease and convenience are very important in today’s age. Advancement in technology, gadgets, especially home technologies, has helped us in a lot of ways – saving time, money, and devices that can easily be installed in your homes. 

Home automation has now become more of a need than a want. Humans have been dependent on technology heavily and cannot stay away from it anymore. Somehow, advancement in technology has helped us in a way that our daily tasks have become easier and faster. 

There are a lot of smart gadgets in the market that are sold to people to make them feel comfortable and convenient in their homes. But surely, you haven’t come across these gadgets that are mentioned in this article. These gadgets are worth buying as they are not only designed to give you comfort but also made to give a rich and luxurious look. 

Mentioned here are some gadgets that you are missing out on and need to get them in your house right away. 

Smart coffee maker gadgets

You too cannot start your day without a cup of coffee right? But, you might not want to wake up in the morning and go to the kitchen to get your coffee ready. No problem here is the solution. Smart coffee maker lets you brew your coffee through your smartphone, Google Assistant, or Alexa. You just need to command and the smart coffee maker will keep your favorite coffee ready! 

If you want to buy this amazing smart coffee maker, you can visit Amazon to look for it. You can buy it at a discounted rate by coming to CouponsCurry.com and using the Amazon India promo codes posted here. These promo codes will give you an amazing discount on your purchase of this smart gadget and would help you save a lot of money. 

Robotic floor cleaner

Busy in a meeting? Or somewhere out and do not have time to clean your house? Meet the smart gadget that will keep your house spick and span. You don’t have to get up or find time in between your busy schedule to clean your house. You can use your smartphone and schedule the cleaning time. Once done, the robotic floor cleaner will automatically start cleaning the house and will notify you once the cleaning is done! Easy, isn’t it? All you have to do is recharge your robotic cleaner once in a while and clean away the dust it has collected. 

Smart slow cooker with Alexa 

There are so many food items that require to be cooked slowly and with a lot of patience. Slow cooking is not at all easy, therefore, you need a smart slow cooker that puts all the controls in your hands as well as your voice through voice commands via Alexa. So, if you are busy somewhere or just lazy to get up and go to the kitchen, switch the cooker from high to slow to off – all of it through your smartphone or by commanding Alexa. 

Smart slow cookers are of great use and if you are planning to give them to someone, you can find them on Amazon. You can also go ahead and find the best Amazon gift cards on their website that are easy to buy and convenient to send. These gift card codes can be bought at a discounted rate through Amazon gift card codes, helping you to save a lot of money on your purchase. 

Automatic pet feeder 

This is probably the best gadget you can invest in. How many gadgets in the market do you find that can keep you and your pet happy? Hardly any. An automatic pet feeder is the best gadget that can help you easily feed your pets. Yes, you love your pets but there are so many reasons where you might be busy and cannot get up to feed your dog. Or you get up in the middle of your busy schedule to prepare your pet’s food. But now, with an automatic pet feeder, this problem is also solved. This gadget automatically manages to deliver the meals of your pet in perfect portions. It can be controlled through your voice commands as well as records your pet. It is a perfect gadget that can keep your pet and you happy! 


We know that smart technology has become a part of our daily lives and would just keep making our lives better with time and its advancement. There are a large number of gadgets in the market that have become famous and a part of people’s lives due to home automation. Some gadgets are still not known to people but should be used at home as they can make your work easier and provide the utmost convenience. 

So, go ahead and buy the best smart gadgets to make your home smart and fully automated! 

Vikas Kantia

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